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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

7/26 Washington - Picture Of Two Red Orbs Seemingly Attached (Latest MUFON Reports 8/18)

Multiple witnesses and somewhat similar to the previous post too - (meaning red orb) - articulate report shown below:

2014 Structured Red Orb Report - New Hampshire

Long Description of Sighting Report
We were in Washington,NH approximately 10 miles up Lempster Mountain. We were sitting out on the deck, it was after 9 pm. There were no outside lights on(only the inside kitchen light and 2 tea lights on our tables). We were talking about how clear and quiet it is up there(not from NH), no street lights, no traffic, no neighbors close by (city vs country)and how great the stars looked. So we were talking and watching the sky to see if one of us (4 of us at this time) could see a shooting star. One of us noticed an orange/red orb in the southeast sky. We all watched, thought it might be a meteor, but it didn't seem to be moving. Then after several seconds we realized it was moving. It was heading North and as came within a more easterly view we could see that there were 2 orange/red lights. The front light was bigger and seemed more luminous than the smaller light in the back (both were very bright). The lights were connected by a dull dark shape (unknown)in the middle. We called 3 other people out of the house to see this, now there are 7 of us watching these lights flying slowly and silently across the sky (high up and never changed altitude). Before the lights were out of our view (behind the tree line) I took 1 picture (sending this picture)on my cell phone (not a smartphone). The whole viewing probably lasted about 3-5 minutes.

A very interesting picture too:
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

7/27/14 Hampton - Red Orb Video (Directly Overhead) - Or, Chinese Lanterns?

As you can see from the MUFON report description below, this all reads like a Chinese Lantern being seen... but, the video words and the first few seconds of the video itself `seem to indicate the object is flying not floating'... who knows, cool to have this video:
2014 Hampton New Hampshire Red Orb Video Report To MUFON
Was on vacation at the beach in Hampton, NH. Our condo was approximately 400 yards from the beach. At 7:52, we spotted what appeared to be a flare, rising up from the water. However, after watching it for a few seconds, it became apparent it was not rising up, but rather coming from over the ocean and flying directly over us. After watching for about 30 seconds, I took my iPhone out and began filming it. I managed to get 17 seconds recorded. Once the object had passed to the west, it dimmed and faded out of sight. After I stopped recording, I could still the the silhouette of the object in the night sky, but it was too faint to capture on the phone camera.

And, if all goes well, the 17 second video itself - if not, here's the download link -
What do you think NH?
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