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Friday, September 4, 2015

New Hampshire UFO's 2015

First things first - EVERY state UFO blog that I host has seen nearly every picture link from MUFON ....... VANISH. MUFON is NOT being a caretaker of data to the public that get `publicized' such as in a blog like this. It gets worse about MUFON but this isn't the platform for it now... that said, since I've discovered this `editing' of data by MUFON - I only post pictures that I have downloaded onto my own computer first - same for videos.

So, I searched MUFON's database for the reports from NH in the last 180 days of 2015 - and had reports filed in the same time frame... the search yielded 25 reports and a few had pictures or videos - (that is what the state UFO blogs feature). See the blogging below about those reports:
Hampton Beach 
July 4th
MUFON Report
Long Description of Sighting Report
About 5 minutes after the beginning (9:35ish) of the annual 4th of July fireworks at Hampton Beach, NH., I witnessed a small glowing red orb. At first I believed it was a Chinese lantern, which I had seen many of earlier, but it was stationary. After a few seconds, the orb began to move against the breeze in a straight line (east to west) very slowly. The orb again stopped for a few seconds, then ascended in a straight line, went stationary again for a few seconds, descended, went stationary again, then traveled west to east on a straight line. The orb, at times, became partially obscured by a house but would either ascend above it, or move east of it to come into few. The object was never lower than 45 degrees off the horizon but probably ascended to about 75 degrees above the horizon. There were no visible flashing lights and no sound. Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant lies just about mile west of the beach and the object seemed to split the difference of the two while the fireworks were going off. The orb then descended behind a building and I never regained sight of it. I was very excited and frantic while trying to keep the orb in sight. About 15 minutes after the event, I started to think of other possibilities. The most probable being a drone taking video of the fireworks from an elevated position. My wife also saw the object move east to west after being stationary for about 30 seconds.

As you can see in the report - the person was watching the `drone' or Orb for an extended period... in the video below (two videos submitted) you can see the `light' at about the 4th floor level barely... BUT you can see it move in an unusual manner too. ..... Unfortunately... the video did not load 
here's the link - - it will quickly download onto your computer - you will be able to see it. The Video has uploaded to my Facebook page at - see it there.

These trailcam pictures were submitted of an event on May 28th 2015 in Whitefield:
First the report:
I have trail cam set up about 55 feet from my home this morning when i looked at my pictures i saw this sphere figure above my oil tank we have almost 10 pictures all within one minute then the object went. all on A trail cam. I will send some of the pictures. Please let me know what it is. I had the trail cam in the same place for the past month this is the first time seeing this. and it can not be A reflection from any thing due to there is nothing around but trees
Five Pictures Submitted
Here's one

Great Classic NH UFO Story From 1976
My One UFO (on the ground) Sighting
MUFON Link To Story
I lived in New Hampshire for about a year in 1976-1977 and would jog in the National Forest with my large white Shepherd. I lived in a rental farm house on Passaconaway Rd about 10 miles northwest of Conway. My dog and I jogged the same route almost daily in the mornings, as I was ski training. He was running ahead of me as he often did this one morning in the fall, when I noticed he had stopped, was facing into the brush and was growling. His hackles were full up and his teeth barred. I feared it might be a bear or big cat so I called him off of it, but he wouldn't budge. Not only did I not want him to get hurt but I wanted us both to go back the direction we came from. Then he seemed to totally cower down to the ground in total submission to whatever it was. I was petrified with fear and then I heard the humming, buzzing sound and felt the rumble vibrating through my shoes. I knew that the sound and rumbling sensation would not be an animal but some kind of machine. I somehow got my nerve up and very cautiously got up near my dog to see what he was staring at. I was shaking with fear but I felt like I was being pulled in like a magnet would to a metal object. I felt like I had to go to it. As I got to my dog's side I could hear him wimpering and see he was shaking. We were within 20 feet of this object.

What I could see through the brush was a grayish/black metal looking object that had a military characteristic to it, but was only about 5 or 6 feet in height and seemed to have a crescent shape, not really a boomerang, but an elongated, rounded crescent shape with blue-greenish lights pulsating at regular intervals. The lights appeared to be emanating from beneath the edges of the form. It was fully on the ground and appeared to be maybe 30' in diameter or less. The ground vibrated and the humming sound was hypnotic and paralyzing. For a brief moment, maybe 2 seconds, the humming stopped, the lights stopped and my dog seemed to re-animate and slowly rose and backed off. I followed suit. We backed out about 4 or 5 steps and I took off running as fast as my body could push, my dog right in front- full speed. When I got home I paced for quite a while, wanted to actually go back again with a camera, but instead called the Forest Service manager and asked if any vehicles were out there where I described. They said no, but wanted a lot of detail from me. More than if they thought I was a lunatic or pranking them. They pressed hard for details. A few days later I got my nerve up and also took a handgun and my dog and went back to the site. My dog did not have the same level of fear as he did that day, but he was most definitely still quite hesitant of approaching the site. I pushed the brush back where I remembered it to be and could tell a large object of the shape I had seen had crushed the brush and ground cover down flat and looked “swept” over at the edges, like frayed leaves. After that I never jogged that same trail again. It was just too unnerving.

Several times over the next year while in NH, at least 5 times, I could tell that I was being followed. In town, at work, shopping, driving. I moved back to Colorado a year later. Twice on the drive from NH back to Colorado I saw the same vehicle following me. Once they actually passd me out on the plains between no where and hell and stayed beside me for far too long, pretending not to look at me. I’ve told numerous people over the years but I never stop feeling the same fear and remember the paralyzing, hypnotic affect the humming sound had on me and apparently my dog as well. Over the years, and I’m 62 now, I have several times had the sense that a being was in my bedroom or house and I was completely paralyzed, yet wide awake. My eyes will be wide open, I can feel them blink, but there is absolutely no light – pitch black and claustrophobic. I feel totally confined, like being in a coffin and I can’t scream or breathe or move. 
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