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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Recurring `Sky Symbol' Orb Photographed Over Whitefield 11/29/13 - MUFON Reports

The first sighting occurred thanksgiving night i was looking out my window it was a black sky no stars then there was this very bright light that seemed to sit still for a few minutes so i didnt think much other then it was a really bright star but then it appeared to move up then spiral back and i couldnt believe what i saw no plane i know can move like it did and then a minute later it spiraled again and then it just vanished and i stared out the window and ran to other windows and couldnt find it again. The next night November 29th i saw the same light hovering above the tree line and it was around just before 7 pm it hovered and i watched it for about 5 minutes then i ran to get my camera to try to capture an image of it, i zoomed in out the back door and took a couple pictures that caught the object. I took a few minutes to review the images and was astonished and excited and by the time the object was there but it was lower in the sky, in the trees and it was harder to see, then it was just gone. It was me and my dad saw it as well. every few minutes i check to see if its there again and its just gone, it did not move like a plane it was a bright yellow ball of light. The images below are what i saw and i intend to keep my eyes peeled on the skies.
red is my emphasis
The Photos
This report is reminiscent of many similar reports since the Stephenville Texas UFO events of January 2008 when the `Sky Symbols' became part of the behavior and perception display of energetic plasma Orbs. It also is not uncommon for some observers of this Orb phenomena to find that it becomes recurring to them and often can be found in the same position in the sky.


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